Alabama vs South Carolina

Alabama vs South Carolina : # 2 Alabama traveled to Columbia, South Carolina this week to meet with South Carolina. Competitions will be held at the Williams-Bryce stadium at 15:30 Eastern time.

In the opening game of the season in North Carolina, Jack Bentley may have lost due to the end of the season, but Gamecocks seems to indicate that they are indeed a team that can cause problems for SEC opponents. After a terrific loss at the opening, many analysts and fans changed jobs in South Carolina. Although no one expects them to win this game, they have the opportunity to prove that they are a good enough team, at least the best rivals are competing.

Alabama’s team dominated the first two games and scored more than 40 points per game. As many of their key coaches moved to a new position, Tide is experiencing some uncertainty in the offseason. However, they will not go anywhere. Alabama easily sent the duke during the rookie season and completely destroyed New Mexico in the second week. This game will bring Tide more challenges, but if they play well, they can still easily defeat the troubled team from South Carolina.

Of course, Alabama is one of the best offensive actions in the country, consisting of Tua Tagovailoa and Jerry Gedey, an energetic defender. They didn’t have any problems in the first two games, although the Gamecocks defense is certainly one step ahead of what they had previously encountered, but the Tide should effortlessly score enough points to win, even if they are not so decisive – usually the Defense allows real newbie Ryan Hillinsky play drama.

Not many people gave South Carolina a chance in this game, but after a laid-back two-week victory, a new starting quarterback and increased confidence, Gamecocks may have some violation against the Crimson Tide. However, it is hard to imagine that the defense of South Carolina would achieve any success in the proud attack of Alabama.

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. South Carolina Football Channel

Alabama Crimson Tide looks up against South Carolina Gamecocks players
Ryan Hillinsky will start his second game this week against South Carolina against Alabama. The true quarterback rookie was pushed to the starting position after senior and third year starter Jack Bentley was injured in his first match against UNC. Schillinsky was impressed in his first launch, throwing 280 yards and 2 touchdowns while maintaining an 80% completion rate. However, his first start was against the south of Charleston. It is an understatement that he will receive significant growth in opposition talent this week. If Slimsky is against one of the main defense systems of the country, then the current hype of Hillinsky will accelerate. If he fights, as most people expect, South Carolina can win in very difficult times to withstand a solid deep red current.

Another key attacking player for Gamecocks is running back Tavien Fister. Unlike Schilling, Fister proved that he can be the highest level of elite. Former Clemson Tigers moved to South Carolina in the offseason, but that didn’t have much of an impact, as he had expected this season. Faced with a stuffy high school and a true rookie quarterback, Gamecocks should make the most of their running games if they want to play against Alabama at the offensive end. The festival should be a very important part of this. He has talent, we saw his abilities in the past, but can he put all this in South Carolina and perform at an elite level?

It is obvious that Tua Tagovailoa and his criminal partner Jerry Geody are the players who follow this game, but they already know that they are the best players in the game. We will focus on some of the lesser-known Alabama players who can have a significant impact.

Patrick Sousse is one of the best college football defenders in 2018, but he has encountered some difficulties in the playoffs. In the playoffs for the Zede Lamb array, Ty Higgins and Justyn Ross Surtain are hard to match for their efforts to effectively cover star players. Tide is looking forward to a big leap from second-year students, and he hopes to build the battle of 2018, adding the ability to reach elite and mediocre recipients. This season, he did not face a real test, but this game against South Carolina will give him the opportunity to test his courage for athletic and talented catchers. If on Saturday Surtein blocks his course, he may be one of the best angles of the game.

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